Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Self publishing ebooks in an electronic age.

Ten years from now, I wonder where we'll be in terms of ebooks and electronic media.  The pace of technology is moving so fast that things are changing daily. It is an exciting age to live in, and particularly so for the thousands of would-be authors and illustrators who want to become published.
Magnificent opportunities lie out there in cyperspace for those who are prepared to grasp them.
Amongst the millions of titles being created, one thing is for sure.  Of those titles, a small percentage will have the unknown 'x factor' - that intangible quality that makes one cartoon, illustration, photograph or ebook stand out from the rest.
And the only way that most of us can hope to aspire to ebook publishing success, is to continue to create. We move on when we've finished one ebook, and start another one. Each time, the creator becomes a little more skilled, and the finished result is correspondingly more attractive and professional.
It was with these factors in mind, that I self published my ebook for children entitled "Washday on Planet Zorb." This appears on the Lulu website at this time.
Basically simple in concept, it consists of colorful cartoon illustrations with an accompanying humorous text. Life on Planet Zorb has many similarities to life on Planet Earth.  But if you view the book, you'll see that the inhabitants look rather different. 
Anyway, here's what I envisaged Planet Zorb inhabitants to look like.
So take a look by clicking on Planet Zorb - happy reading !