Monday, 15 October 2012

Myrtle Moo dance video latest press interview

Myrtle Moo, the lovable Queensland cow gave her first press interview this morning.  After being featured on-line in a variety of Queensland regional newspaper websites, Myrtle was shown in Northern New South Wales, then rated a mention in the Sydney Morning Herald.
It must be admitted that the Sydney Morning Herald write-up ( in The Diary section) was not altogether complimentary to Myrtle and her dedicated band of fellow dancers, the Clifton Myrtle Moo Dance Troupe.
Such phrases as a "low-tech production", and "perhaps the composer of the Myrtle Moo theme tune was wearing boxing gloves when playing his seventies Casio keyboard" were used in the description of the latest bovine video dance to hit the internet.
Nevertheless reading between the lines of the review,, I detected a grudging admiration from the journalist who wrote about Myrtle in the SMH.  Secretly, I suspect he is hoping ( as we all are) that Myrtle Moo and the Clifton Myrtle Moo Dance Troupe will become a world-wide hit.  As at the time of writing of this blog post, Myrtle's viewers number around the 300 mark.  However, watch out Psy ( the Korean gangnam sensation).   Myrtle Moo is gaining momentum, and dairy me, none of us will be surprised if she becomes big moos on Youtube sometime soon.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Myrtle Moo dancing cow video gets good press in Queensland

It is always the aim of any aspiring video maker to hope that his or her Youtube video will be noticed and featured on other websites on the internet.
When I created Myrtle Moo the dancing cow, with the help of the Clifton Myrtle Moo Dance Troupe, I didn't know how it would be received by the public at large.
In this post, I am pleased now to report that over a dozen newspapers here in Queensland Australia have featured the cow dance video on their webpages within the past few days.  This was a marvellous surprise, as you can imagine and I thank the newspapers concerned for giving the cow a well needed boost in ratings. .
The amazing dancing cow, and her smiling backup group of enthusiastic Clifton dancers have now been promoted on the websites of the Toowoomba Chronicle, the Sunshine Coast Daily, and the Ipswich Queensland Times, as well as the Fraser Coast Chronicle, the Stanthorpe Border Post and the Caboolture News.
The Gladstone Observer gave it a plug, the Coolum News mentioned Myrtle, and other publications such as the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin, and the Warwick Daily News have also publicised the emergence of this brown bovine beauty with the cute two step kick.
Even if Myrtle Moo goes no further - and having said that I hope that she eventually gets a large audience of fans all around the globe - I am nevertheless really pleased that the Clifton dance troupe video has got this far.
With all those millions of videos out there on Youtube, it is gratifying to get this kind of recognition.
Like many other Youtube video makers, I try to do all the usual things to promote my own videos.
Sharing your video with friends, via email, also on Facebook and Twitter are good places to start.
Word of mouth is still worth pursuing - spread the word amongst your relatives, acquaintances and anyone you meet who seems interested. Make comments on blogs and try to introduce your youtube video into the conversation if you can.
How far will Myrtle go on Youtube ?  I can only hope that she will dance her way around the world and bring much enjoyment to millions of viewers in due course.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Myrtle Moo music video features dancing cows from Australia.

My newly published music video on the subject of Myrtle Moo, the Musical Cow has now gone live on Youtube.  It is too early yet to say how the world will react to Myrtle Moo.  However, it is safe to say that the animal in question is undoubtedly talented, and displays some rather surprising moves on the dancing disco scene in the depths of the Australian outback.
The video clip was made with the co-operation of long-suffering friends who are very patient with my enthusiasm for wacky and original projects in the music video line.  Does it break any new ground ? That will be seen in the forthcoming months.  Will Myrtle Moo go viral and become the next dance sensation to hit the charts ?  
In real life, Myrtle is actually a very affectionate cow who loves fresh grass, carrots and cabbages. Who can forget the sight of several hundred pounds of prime beef running up to the fence, and emitting a sound rather like the QE2 leaving port in the process ?
I hope you enjoy looking at the musical antics of Myrtle Moo. It was certainly fun making it, and I sincerely hope that a large audience of cow-lovers will like grooving to Myrtle's magical moooves.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Author cartoonist promotes new outback Aussie ebook

Above photo and article courtesy of Clifton Courier newspaper, Queensland Australia.

Press release September 5th 2012
Clifton, Queensland Australia.
Author cartoonist Al Benge celebrates the launch of his new outback ebook entitled " Original Australian Outback Jokes."  The Clifton Courier newspaper is a flourishing country paper covering the Darling Downs region of South East Queensland.
Al's book includes a selection of typically outback humour, gained from his travels around Australia.
The ebook features rhymes, riddles, jokes, and anecdotes, all illustrated with Al's original cartoons.
It is available on the Itunes Bookstore, and also can be downloaded from   

Monday, 3 September 2012

How I created Myrtle Moo the Cow childrens ebook

If you read my previous post on "Myrtle Moo the ebook cow" you may be wondering how I came up with creating this new character. The Youtube video above shows how a simple sketch led to the idea of including this character in my ebook.   Myrtle Moo is a kindly, gentle creature with a sense of humour, and she enjoys her peaceful rural life in a country meadow.
Incidentally, did you know that when you create a character, and give it a name, it's best to check out first to see whether anyone else has already used the name ?  This is reasonably easy to do, given the search capabilties of the world wide web.
You can put the name of your proposed character in the Google search box, and see what it comes up with. It is surprising how many names are out there, and already being used for various purposes.  It is to your advantage to create a name that is distinctive, but isn't being used.

Myrtle Moo the Muddy Cow by Al Benge

Myrtle Moo the Muddy Cow is a new ebook that I've published on the Itunes bookstore, and also   It is illustrated with my own original cartoons.  Basically the plot involves Myrtle, who gets rather muddy after it has been raining in her field.  So she decides to take a bath.
The problem is that she lacks soap, and a towel.  If you read the book, you will find out how Myrtle solves this problem.  

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My Authorcentral Amazon German page

As I mentioned in the previous post, I set up my Authorcentral page with a short video publicising my ebooks. This entailed a brief speech in my fairly rusty French.
This accomplished, I then moved on to establishing my Authorcentral German page.  You will appreciate that my ability to speak German fluently requires a good deal of improvement !  However, I again used Google translate to get an outline of what I wanted to say.  One thing I learned - German is a language with some very lonnnnng words !  However, some of the more subtle points on pronounciation were solved by making use of internet sites ( where you type in the German word) and I could then play the word back as a sound file to hear how it should be done. At least this gave me some idea.....
Again, I don't feel that what I've produced is in anyway perfect.  But I hope that German viewers will bear with me, and understand that the ability to speak several languages doesn't come easily to all of us ! 
In addition to the video which appears on my French and German authorcentral pages, I also put in a few details ( in the appropriate language) of my background, career etc.